A Day at ABA


  • Therapist and BCBA arrive early to review client’s programs
  • Greet client at the car, checking in with the family to see how the morning and evening went

Entry Routine and Motivation

  • Spend time doing fun preferred activities to find out what motivates the client that day
  • Continue following the client’s motivation, adding in programming
  • Engage the client with fun, novel activities like painting, walks outside, trampoline, swinging, and playing to build relationship and learning opportunities

Learning Skills

  • Learn daily living skills such as personal hygiene, feeding, self-care, and development appropriate chores
  • Participate in different social group activities interlaced with programs that cultivate a welcoming environment to foster friendships
  • Have lunch with peers, practicing lunch preparation, beginner cooking skills, eating appropriately and requesting needed items
  • Engage in play skills and relationship building with afternoon therapist to reestablish the client’s motivation
  • Integrate motivation to continue learning programs

Exit Routine

  • Collect a backpack, lunch box, coat, and crafts
  • Walk client to the car and briefly share successes and growth opportunities from the day
  • Our team then meets to share the highlights of the day – what was successful and what can be improved for tomorrow