Applied Behavior Analysis

We provide 1-1 ABA in Indiana. Our behavioral therapy helps clients on the autism spectrum in Columbus, Indiana. Each individual client is given therapy that suits their social, behavioral, and daily needs.  

ABA In Indiana

ABA In Indiana at Imprint Pediatric Therapy

Our therapists spend the session engaging with their client 1-1 through play, programming, and behavior intervention.

During the session the client’s motivation is followed and programming is incorporated as the client moves throughout the center. Clients are exposed to an abundance of learning opportunities each session through, play, social interaction, group settings, and learning sessions. Each session is tailored to the individual and therapists contrive opportunities for programming consistently. 

Our team of Registered Behavior Technicians collect behavioral and programming data on each client’s behavior and programming progress. Each client’s data and progress is analyzed by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Our BCBAs create individualized behavior interventions and programming goals based on the data collected. Our RBTs implement the programming curated by our BCBAs as well as implement the behavioral interventions put into place. 

ABA In Indiana

Our team of therapists track our client’s behavioral progress and programming progress. Based on the data, our behavior analysts review the client’s progress and create individual plans designed to support our clients of all skill sets and meet each client’s specific behavioral needs. 

Our client’s programming includes:

  • Motor Skills
  • Daily Living
  • Social Skills
  • Behavioral Help
  • Linguistic/Language and Communication Skills
  • So much more!

Programs are tailored for the individual child and their needs. 

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2. Team Evaluates Your Form

Our team of therapists reviews your individual needs to create a treatment plan.

3. Let Therapy Begin

We begin to change lives as therapy and routine assessments begin. 

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